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The Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®)

IDI measures intercultural competence, such as cultural awareness and readiness, such as attitudes and worldview. Participants are mapped on a continuum of their intercultural mindset, moving from monocultural to intercultural based on the five stages.


•The Intercultural Development Inventory is a 50-item questionnaire

•IDI Individual Profile Report

•IDI Individual Development Report

•IDI Group Profile Report


Contact us to learn more about how the IDI can help your organization.


Consulting Package Options



Kelley Consulting Firm has several consulting packages to meet the needs of our customers.  Most packages in our program provide for an engagement ranging from three months to a year, and some plans can be renewed annually.  Kelley Consulting Firm will design consulting programs around organizational and institutional initiatives and missions.  Our services are custom-tailored to an organization's needs. We created several consulting services to assist organizations in identifying their desired level of engagement.  We do not take the one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, Kelley Consulting Firm's process explores the organizational need with our clients to provide high-value services.


Kelley Consulting Firm provides on-site and off-site support to private, public, and nonprofit organizations and educational institutions.  Each consulting service is customized in accordance with the needs of each organization.


Contact Kelley Consulting Firm to learn more at (919) 480-1251.

See the full set of our services below.

 Scales of Justice
Two Men in Office
Compliance, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Kelley Consulting Firm focus is in the Human Resources, Compliance, Diversity, and Inclusion includes: Compliance/Risk Assessment, Diversity, and Inclusion Assessment, Human Resources Audit, I-9 Internal Audit, policies and procedures development, strategy development, recruitment and retention, program development, as well as internal investigations into Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Title VII, Title IX, employee relations and other workplace issues.


Kelley Consulting Firm services save organizations time and money and assist organizations in building inclusive organizations. 

Transformative Consulting Services, Executive Services, Organizational
Change, Culture, Assessments

Kelley Consulting Firm is here to help solve complex challenges. Kelley Consulting Firm provides management and human resources services as well as customized services and solutions.  Our services and solutions are designed to assist our clients in creating innovative, productive, harmonious, welcoming, and inclusive workplace environments.

Kelley Consulting Firm's approach to every effort implemented is grounded in sound practices that emphasize a collaborative work style, culturally informed practices, best practices, as well as scientific rigor.


Training, Education and Organizational Development

Training and development are necessary for organizational success. In addition to maintaining a competitive advantage, certain federal and state laws mandate training and education on specific issues such as EEO, Title VII, and IX, discrimination and harassment, sexual harassment. Training of the entire organization in areas of diversity, inclusion, conflict management, unconscious bias, microaggressions, cultural competence, and employee relations issues ensures the transformational change that drives innovation and collective missions. A well-trained organization is imperative to produce better outcomes and results.


Kelley Consulting Firm training and development services include customized training and education programs to fit your organizational needs. 

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