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I am a speaker and author of non-fiction works on the subjects

of leadership, equity, diversity, inclusion, and compliance. My

most recent book is entitled "Authentic Leadership: An Imperative

for Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace.”


If your organization or group is looking for a speaker on topics

such as diversity and inclusion, diversity and inclusion leadership competencies, unconscious bias impact on workplace culture and processes, recruiting for a diverse workforce, and improving workplace climate and culture.  Additionally, reach out if you don't see precisely the topic you want for a presentation.  We can explore a more customized solution.


I have extensive experience speaking in front of large and small groups in a way that is engaging and inspiring and fosters crucial discussion.  I have had the opportunity to present topics to leaders, executives, staff, boards, and students.  I would love to connect.  I’m available for keynotes, panels, full-day and half-day seminars or workshops, corporations, higher education institutions, K-12, non-profits, local and regional conferences. 


Contact me at 919.480.1251 or for more information.



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