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5 Key Benefits of Women Leaders

In recent years, companies have hired more women for top executive positions. While the gender gap is still quite large, organizations now realize the value of women leaders and the benefits of more diversity. According to statistics, over the past 40 years, women in the workforce have contributed to more than 25% of overall growth in GDP. Below are five benefits that women leaders provide.

#1 Women Offer Soft Skills

Women in the workforce have often been recognized as essential collaborators in business, having the ability to reduce employee burnout, as well as encourage, motivate, and inspire dedication, which effectively enhances any organization.

While the talent, skillset, experience, and personality of an individual should always be important aspects when choosing a leader, organizations now realize the importance of emotional intelligence, or soft skills as well. Such skills include the talent of networking, collaboration, critical thinking, self-motivation, positive work ethics, and communication skills. In a recent study conducted by the consulting firm Hay Group, women performed much better than men with respect to emotional intelligence skills.

#2 Women Increase Revenue and Productivity

Countless reports reveal that women-led organizations enjoy greater profitability, and have lower turnover rates than those directed by men. For example, in 2017, a publication from Bloomberg stated that public traded companies being led by women performed much better than others.

Additionally, according to The Harris Poll, American citizens prefer to work for companies that have women leaders. Among those surveyed, the common theme was women are more purpose-driven, nurturing, and promoters of a healthy work-life balance.

#3 Women Encourage Teamwork

Without a doubt, everyone prefers to work in a positive environment that encourage teamwork, and are supportive where everyone can thrive. When everyone involved is focused on the same goal and recognize that working together is more efficient and productive, it is a win-win situation. Women predominately have an innate desire to nurture, inspire, and even compromise in order to achieve success.

These traits are what often differentiate male leaders from female leaders.

For instance, men are frequently perceived as authoritarian with a propensity to reward individual accomplishments, which results in a more competitive environment. On the other hand, female leaders routinely inspire feedback and contributions from each individual. Additionally, females are more often viewed as trustworthy and empathetic with a tendency to demonstrate enthusiasm and motivation to serve others and encourage others to do the same.

#4 Women Offer Better Conflict Resolution

One very distinct difference between male and female leaders is the method of dealing with workplace conflict. Men are naturally more task and goal-oriented than women. Therefore, when it comes to resolving conflict among employees, men will take a more linear approach, a straightforward approach to resolve an issue, and move on quickly. However, women are natural peacemakers and more sensitive to the possibility of an underlying problem, such as a personality conflict. To improve relationships among staff members, she will help everyone work through an issue to prevent a recurrence.

#5 Women are Strong Communicators

One of the strongest skills among females of all ages is that of communication. Whether communicating with friends, a partner, co-workers, children, or employees, women routinely have an open line of communication. This interaction helps ensure that expectations are appropriately conveyed. It also encourages others to provide feedback, ask questions, and so on. Bottom line, whether a woman needs to relay important information, promptly correct a mistake, or execute responsibilities to others, excellent communication is key to success in every facet of life.

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